Two different perceptions on photography, from two different people from two different ends of the isolated town of Mandurah, Western Australia. Follow us on our journeys as we compose photos in different fields, while mainly focusing on surf photography. - Ben Loaring & Jack Bunyan

November 29, 2010

So in the past four weeks I have started an apprenticeship and it is going great. I sold my 40D to an old friend Daniel Kable who is just starting out in the photography world, to purchase a Canon EOS 7D. I have had a few troubles with eBay & have been cameraless for almost 3 weeks which has been real inconvenient as I have ventured South and scored some great waves in the past weeks with no photos to show. I have started to save for a housing, bought a GoPro & booked tickets for Bali early next year, and the future is looking bright.
No recent photos to show so here are a couple from a Mandurah Wedge session last year that never saw the Internet, peace.

Brendon Backshall & Alex Halsey Winter 2009.