Two different perceptions on photography, from two different people from two different ends of the isolated town of Mandurah, Western Australia. Follow us on our journeys as we compose photos in different fields, while mainly focusing on surf photography. - Ben Loaring & Jack Bunyan

February 8, 2011

The past month has been fun. My friends and I have been blessed with great weather & good banks, and a couple of fun swells. I went to Bali on Australia day for five nights & scored some real fun waves at Keramas & Echo Beach. On my first day of waves I took a few good photos & when I plugged my card reader into a computer at a Bali Internet cafe it started automatically formatting my CF & SD cards while I was buying a drink. But oh well, still had a hell of a time! Here's a couple of pits from the last month, enjoy.
Davis Blackwell & Cameron McGregor

Lewy Finnegan & Tom Purvis
Cameron Dicks

Bali bowls

Cameron Hutchins

Jarryd Heldt
Jake Stone
Nick Perry & Brad Hughes